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An A+ student

An A+ student - Nicole Saxon

My sister in law graduated last year. She got her Bachelor degree in Psychology. I don’t know how she had the time, energy and strength to such a thing. Attending evening classes for five years is not an easy task. Especially that each class requires hours of reading, study and projects. Being present in the classroom is not enough to pass an exam.

On top of that, she was a mother and a wife. How on Earth did she manage to squeeze the classes in her already full schedule, it is a mystery to me. She is a genius! She was an A+ student, on her subjects. And did I mention she did all these, while she was in her forties?

It’s one thing when you do your studies when you are young. You have no family, no other commitments or obligations; you are free as a bird to do whatever pleases you.

I have met so many youngsters whose studies were paid by their parents, wasting their time at school, when they should have focused on learning. But when you passed the youth years, the learning process itself is far more challenging. Your brain absorbs less information and requires more time to sort new things. Not to mention that time is your major enemy.

You have less time for studies, because your family needs you. You have to cook, clean, feed the kids, do homework with them, take them to their extra curriculum activities, do groceries, etc. And when all these are done, then only you could find the time to study. It means that you sleep less during the night, give up your weekly girl’s night out, and stop dining out with friends, in order to go to school.

Some might call all this insanity. I call it determination. Only a mother would understand what my sister would have gone through. When she invited me to her graduation ceremony, I was so proud of her, that I couldn’t help myself crying. Also I believe that I must have been the one who was clapping the loudest when she was on stage, having her diploma handed to her.

You might be tempted to think that her husband was not supportive enough, since she had to manage everything by herself. Ed, an Edmonton asphalt contractor, was the one who encouraged her not to give up when she thought she couldn’t do it anymore. He worked long hours as well, in order to afford her studies. I am so proud of my beautiful family!

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