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Go back to work

Go back to work - Nicole Saxon

One year ago, I gave up my antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease. My two main reasons for abandoning the only thing that brought me back to life were my huge debt and an awfully irritated liver.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with this dreadful disease which took away from me my supposedly best years of motherhood. When I got my diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease, I did not know much about it. I thought that once I found a specialist in Lyme, I would be able to fight it back, recover and get rid of it.

Little I knew that you never get rid of Lyme. Once you get bitten, it stays with you until the end of your days. In some unfortunate cases, it actually speeds your trip towards this end. All Lyme patients have days when they wish their end was close, just to end this silent suffering.

Few people know that Lyme is a debilitating illness that can turn your life upside down. I personally went from being an active person with a prominent career in front of me, to becoming a mobility impaired patient accusing horrible symptoms with no prospects of ever recovering. All because of a tick bite, during one of my camping trips to Saint-Donat area.

Back then everything was gray. My Lyme specialist could not promise me that I would go back to who I used to be in terms of health. All she could promise was to try helping me regain my mobility by using alternative treatments.

For the next five years, I was her most obedient patient. I had been on high doses of antibiotics, and I had blood work done on a monthly basis. I took all sorts of herbal medicine to help me cope with the pain.  I did everything she suggested. I was open to anything because I was desperate. I changed my diet completely. I started to exercise. I learnt that my health depended on a lot of factors, not only the medicine I was taking.

At the end of the first year of treatment, I was able to walk again. On the second year, I experienced less and less the burning sensation under my skin. From feeling it all over my body, I only felt it on my skull and on my limbs. Slowly after my health improved thanks to my specialist, but my bank account dried up proportionally.

This year, since I got better, I was able to return to work. I contacted my previous employer, a company doing park paving Edmonton, to inquire if they had anything available, but it did not work out the way I hoped. Thus, I applied for other jobs and I ended up working for their biggest competitor.

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