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Dad and the passwords

Dad and the passwords - Nicole Saxon

Ever since I have bought my parents their laptops, I instantly became responsible for teaching them how to use them, for doing all the updates, creating and managing any online account for them.
Not once they called me to ask me how to log in on a certain program, how to download a photo or simply because they couldn't remember the password used for their Skype or personal emails.

I always created easy to remember passwords like their names, or their children`s name, followed by a number. For example, I would have to choose a password like “Chloe1” and each time I would have to update it, I would have changed it to “Chloe 2”. But apparently this was too difficult to remember.

Then I suggested to them to take a notebook and write down the user name and the password for any of the accounts they used: email, Facebook, Skype, etc. They listened to me and bought a small black agenda, where they started to write down everything. It worked for a while. For almost two weeks, I received fewer phone calls from them during my working hours.

Then somehow a tragedy happened. My mom cleaned the house and she misplaced the black agenda. They looked for it, but they could not find it. Both of them had called my office over ten times that day. Since I was in a meeting, I couldn't take their calls.

Seeing that I am not available, my dad decided that they had to fix the problem by themselves. He watched a video (tutorial) on YouTube, on how to reset your email password. Then he tried to do it alone. Thus, ten minutes later, he had done it. He had a new password.

Feeling that he became more tech savvy, he tried to master this new acquired skill by resetting the passwords for all his online accounts. According to my mom, he was quite happy with his work.

He got more creative than me, meaning that for each account, he had created a different password. Luckily, mom was right next to him, and she wrote down the new ones.

Later on that day, when I passed by their house to see what was the emergency, he proudly told me that he managed without my help. I was proud of him.

Mom wasn't too thrilled. She was saying that he had put weird passwords such as: truck restraints 22”, “blue_jays 10” or “never_2_late”. Before I said anything, dad added that he could change it again, if she wasn`t happy. Mom and I both replied in one voice that it wasn't necessary.

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